"Singing the Faith is a very well-crafted DVD, of high quality.  It is a masterpiece. It is brilliantly made."
Naomichi Masaki in a review for LOGIA

“Once in a great while, a work is produced for which the whole church on earth can give unreserved thanks to God. This is such a work.”
Thomas V. Aadland, in a review for Lutheran Forum

Singing the Faith is a DVD that invites viewers and listeners to discover God's Word proclaimed in a rich heritage of music that faithfully confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

It is a study of the history of Lutheran congregational song – an accessible educational tool for teachers and students, pastors and congregations, parents and their children. 

It is a musical devotion, featuring loved tunes and rich texts that for generations have filled sanctuaries, large and small.

It is a resource that belongs on college campuses, in church libraries, parish halls, classrooms and homes.

Watch a preview.  Share it with others.  Read and sign the guestbook.  And order Singing the Faith.

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