Measures For Road Safety: Driver’s Responsibilities And Duties

The rate of road accidents has increased a lot. Studies suggest that about 59 people met with fatal road accidents every day in the UK; counting to about 21,535 such incidents each year.

Resultant Of Road Accidents 

The effect of these road accidents is massive and even fatal sometimes.

  • Road accident may cause death. In the UK every year, thousands of people die due to road accidents
  • Sometimes, although people escape death from road accidents but they were left behind with physical disabilities
  • Car crashes cause an economic impact also. It has a negative impact on the productivity of a country
  • Road accident causes state property as well as personal property damage
  • A car crash not only affects the person concerned but also has a severe effect on their family member
  • Last but not the least road accidents have a severe impact on the environment

Driver’s Responsibilities

What Are The Main Causes Of The Road Crashes?

Road accidents are very common these days. Be it a newspaper or a news channel; roads accidents report a frequent topic everywhere. Road accidents are mainly caused due to some carelessness; which, if precautions are taken can be prevented.

Say No To Drunk And Drive

A very common cause of most of the road accidents is driving while you are drunk. Alcohol reduces your ability to focus while driving. This results in a fatality. It can harm both yourself as well as any person in the roadside. You should always say that you are not alone, and your family member will be waiting for you at home. So, refuse to drink and drive, and be safe

High Speeding Is Not Always Cool

High-speed driving sounds very cool to most of the teenagers. But if you lose control the high-speed driving can result in reckless and rush driving; finally end to some unfortunate incidents.

Apart from these two leading cause, there are other reasons for road accidents. Like-

  • Slippery road due to heavy downpour
  • Lacks of lights on road side during night driving
  • Dangerous road conditions
  • Driving in a wrong way
  • Accumulation of ice on road
  • Absence vision due to fog
  • Sudden blow out of your vehicle tire
  • Falling sleepy while you are driving

Code And Conduct To Prevent Road Accidents

The UK has tried to control the alarming rate of a traffic accident happing all around the United Kingdom. DVLA with its code and behaviors has succeeded to reduce the number of road accidents in the United Kingdom. To know more about the rules, one can call DVLA Number. It maintains all the records of each and every vehicle running on the road in the UK. It is also responsible for delivering the license to the driver. The driver and Vehicle Licensing agency have ensured that the people avoid distracted driving.

Their instructors specially trained people to drive with responsibility and carefulness. Attentiveness is the key to avoiding all kinds of accidents. Following road signs and signals; driving slowly and safely; you can avoid many unwanted situations. Life is the gift of God; keep it safe. Drive safely!!

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